MorningStar Events 






It was great working with your team and I really appreciated all the help

and coaching.


It was excellent.


Karen Gaydon

Hewlett-Packard Company


Suzanne it was a pleasure to work with you. 


You and your crew did an amazing job in delivering a high quality experience. 

Thanks again for your great support, patience and effort to insure that we had a great experience.


Larry Cross

Hewlett-Packard Company


Thanks for your great work the night was  a huge success! Everyone had a fabulous time including Marcela. Thanks so much for everything Suzanne, truly a spectacular event!


Julia Riessen

HR Transformation


Thank you!


It was Great to have you for our In-N-Out Burger Event.


I too enjoyed working with you. You are all very professional and know how to meet the clients needs.
The client too loved the music selection and was very
happy that their employees engaged with you as well.


Fun was had by all and thank you for encouraging all to participate. They had a great time with the

dance competition and of course the BIG Hit (getting a picture with their Manager on Extreme Sky Flyer).


I look forward to being able to work with you again! =)


Warm Regards,

Saundra Keister

Regional Sales Representative

California's Great America and Gilroy Gardens

Thank you Suzanne!
You so totally ROCK on customer service- I love your attitude-
Pretty, smart and wonderful = you.
Thanks again!

Michelle Champoux
Macy's Special Events & Public Relations



 Hi Suzanne,

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did for our party last Friday!  I truly appreciated

your professionalism and eagerness to work with me on crafting the entire night.

You went above and beyond the requirements and demonstrated your talent for

reading the crowd and thinking on your feet.


I will definitely recommend you in a wide variety of events and please feel free to use

these comments on your resume J



Leslie Mercado

Stanford University Executive Program



Los Altos Golf & Country Club, Los Altos Ca.

Hi Suzanne! 

My feedback… the dancers were great, their performances were “spot on”.  I liked the costumes

and the way they worked the crowd. The lessons were a perfect ice breaker to move the evening

from dining to dancing.  I would use them again for sure.


The guitarist Stevan was great.  Can’t complain about beautiful Latin guitar music. 


Thank you!!!!


Giselle Stefani

Special Events Planner

Los Altos Golf & Country Club
Hello Suzanne, I just want to say thank you for all your help! Everything was fun and engaging. Employees had a lot of fun with sending song  requests to TC. We loved the music choices and all fun you guys provided to our employees.  Please say thank you to TC as well, he did a great job! You guys are very fun and it was a pleasure to work with you!    




Picture People Tour w/ Disney, Grand Opening Store Locations

(New York, Los Angeles, PA, Brentwood, San Mateo)


Thanks so much for partnering with us on this. As you know

we will keep you in mind for future events.

Roz Greenfield

Picture People



Thank you for providing us excellent support throughout

our Christmas party!  He was perfect.


Best and Happy Holidays!


Christopher Billawala

General Manager

Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport

1471 North 4th Street

San Jose, CA 95112


Conference, Chaminade Resort, Santa Cruz


Hello Suzanne,


We had a great event and really enjoyed the all the work you put into

setting the ambiance. The ‘tricks’ to get people on the dance floor worked
like a charm.


All in all we had a great time and loved the last songs selection.



Cassandra Koenig








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