~Our "Special Lighting" options are below for your review. Some of the lights below are included in our Disc-Jockey packages. If you choose to upgrade further, we can email you a proposal based on your event. ~

 ~Dance Lighting~


Candy Bar or Cake Lighting

Gobo Customized Lighting
Themed Lighting To Match Your Linens

Romantic Lighting

Fabric Lighting

Prop Lighting

Pink Lighting

Day Lighting Example

LED Lighting - We can change the lighting Song by Song by a Remote! - Same picture below!

Multi-Color Lighting

Table Lighting

Screen Lighting Rentals


Colored Lighting To Match Your Event!


                Dance Floor Lighting



                                                   Lighting Packages               
             Please Note that we offer 10% off if more than one service is booked. Coordination, DJ, Photo Booth & Lighting
                                         Please Review our link to some great photo's for your review!~

                                    LED Light Packages
All our up lights are scripted by the timing of your event. Getting the best use of our of the lights is to schedule your event themed colors for Cocktail and Dinner Hour to match your Linens and Decor. When the Dancing begins..we can change the colors to match the mood of the Dancing by a remote button and the colors change at the speed you wish!
Your colors can colorfully change from song to song and we can feel the mood on the spot unless you prefer to schedule how we color the dancing portion of the evening. It's your choice! 
We suggest about 10 - 12 Lights in most areas @ $395.00
        (Includes, rental, set up and break down)                                                                                                   
The price increases to $695.00 if we have to come out just for Lighting if you do not book one of our other services due to travel and time and labor. 
                                                 Standard Up Lighting Packages
We have standard up lights that stay at one or 2 colors the entire event @ $25 a light. No extra set up or labor charges if one of our other services are booked. We add $200 for trucking and labor.
                                                       Gobo & Design Lighting
We can create any design or have your name customized in lights. You have the option to project your design on the walls or your dance floor. This creates a warmth in the room and your dance crowd will be more energized when the dinner lighting changes to the party Lighting! 
Package #1 Small Simple Gobo With Your name Customized $175
Package #2 Smal Simple Gobo with one of our stock designs $100

Package #3 Higher End Gobo (Larger effect) Name Customized $295
Package #4 Higher End Gobo (Larger effect) with one of our stock designs $200

                                                             Dance Lighting
1.) Laser Galaxian @ $30
2.) Laser Eclipse @ $30
3.) Cirus Light @ $50
3.) Traditional Disco Ball On Tall Stand @ $150

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