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We have researched our customers needs for more volume and variety in their inflatable games and come up with a twist on an old favorite. This 4-person joust unit allows four people to battle at once.

Catch a Butterfly

Imagine the sky filled with wonderful colorful butterflies dancing towards the earth. Kids are encouraged to catch as many as they can before they land and the whole experience magically starts again. WOW! Words alone can't explain the feeling of excitement kids have as the butterflies scatter up into the sky. Great for team building as well!

Off with Your Head

If you ever wished you had lived during the time of the Knights of the Round Table, here’s your chance.  Each contestant is dressed in a full Knight body costume, topped off with a fake head attached at the top by Velcro.  In this medieval duel of skill and strategy, it may be wise to use your head – just don’t lose it!!  Adult/Child sizes. Adult: 3'Head..7' Poles--Child: 2'2" Head..5' Poles/no power required

Dunk Tank

A classic. Put the boss up there, a co-worker, or your best friend. It doesn't matter. They're all going down and getting wet just as soon as you hit the target. It's always guaranteed fun.  8'Lx11'Wx8'H/water source required/no power required.
Giant Twister

Foam Bath

Outside Maze



Air Tennis
Air Tennis
Air Craft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier

Avalanche Mountain

To the rescue... the children climb to the top of the mountain to help the skiers into the waiting helicopter, then down the mountain they come, through snowdrifts, trees and more. There's even a St. Bernard dog to help. Travel-through fun for the kids.20'Lx20'Wx16'H/req. 20amps

Batting Cage

It's okay to swing away. Fully netted, professional style batting cage and high-capacity pitching machine. Pitch speed is fully adjustable to accommodate all skill levels from Babe Ruth to Dr. Ruth. Inflatable, so it sets up in minutes. Great for sports-themed parties.50'Lx15'Wx18'H/req. 20amp & 10amp

Black Ops Obstacle Course

This two lane obstacle course is a one of a kind experience allowing the participants to have the feeling that they are truly engaging in a war of dexterity. Battle your opponent to victory as you make your way through the bricked wall entrance, down the path of stone pillars, crawl throughs and passageways. The journey doesn't end here as you reach the rock climb wall leading to the uniquely designed teeter-totter pivoting bridge, then down the slide to the finish line! Are you ready to take on the mission?

Bumper Cars

These battery powered Bumper Cars are available in sets of 4,6 or even 8! Our inflatable arena makes this a fun, safe and festive addition to any event. The cars are battery powered so they can run indoor or out! 40'L x 40'W 4'H. 20 amps

Foam Dance Party

Raid the dance floor and just have some good old clean fun....with foam bubbles. Throw a foam dance party and be the talk of the town. Imagine a dance floor filled with waist high bubbles, and you right in the middle of it! Safe, non-toxic foam that will not hurt eyes or clothing. Foam can last up to 4 hours in dry conditions.

Laser Tag

Enter a futuristic, action-packed game-scape. Outfitted with laser guns and target vests, participants step into a 1,400 square-foot fully enclosed fantasy world of interconnecting portals, crawl spaces, flashing colored beacons, and black lights. Up to 10 players can participate in each game session. 38'Lx33'Wx7'H/req. 20amps & 10amps


Meltdown is a blast not only for players, but spectators alike. This 8 player game has a feel from the infamous TV show Wipeout. 8 players take their place upon the pedastals and have to either jump over or duck under the rotating arms. Sounds easy?? Not so much. Start with 8 and see who the last person standing is. The  operator who comes with the rental will slowly increase the speed until only one remains.This game is perfect for Grad Nights, Teambuildings and just about any type of event in between! 


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