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Romans 12:13 
13 Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

We do many Christian Events and understand the requirements from our clients that
want to keep a balance between Mainstream music and Christian music.

We spend hours screening lyrics so we can play part of a song and mix out the content 
that is not appropriate. It's a fun challenge for our staff to keep guests on the dance floor
with fun clean music that is Top 40 to Gospel!  

We can email you a list of music that has been screened for your approval and you can
add or delete from that list to customize your event.

Some of our clients do not want dancing and some do. We take you through all the necessary
questions to ensure your event is presented according to your vision. 

We have Disc-Jockey's, Bands & Ceremony Musicians. Please review below our past client
thank you letters. 

Wedding, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento

Thank you so much...Our wedding was everything we could have ever dreamed or imagined.

IT was perfect from start to finish. My family is very conservative when it comes to dancing

so I was a little worried, but everyone had a blast. Comments from our guests on how much

fun the after-party was keep continuing, and we know it's all in part to our DJ. You all were so

easy to work with, extremely creative when it came to fun games and ways to keep the night

flowing smoothly. You kept the lines of communication open through the entire event and

made sure we were having fun. Guests were able to make requests and it could not have been

better or more personalized to us. The whole night fit us and our personalities perfectly.

If I could do it allover again, I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you for being apart of our special day! 

You can use any of the above comments for anything you need

Thank you sincerely...We loved it and we are loving being married...

Thanks again... 

Laine Alves (used to be cole)
communications director
capital christian center

Redwood Christian School, Ca

Hi Suzanne,
We were happy with how the evening turned out and would like to thank you for working with us
and for all that you have done for us! 

I would recommend you to others, including future parent organizers, and if I had to do it again,
I would hire you all over again.

Praise and thanks for: 
1.  Your patience in working with us each step of the way as we figured out how to plan the banquet
as first-timers.
2.  Your willingness to work with us, your availability and flexibility.
3.  How you share our Christian values and support them--very important!
4.  Your wonderful suggestions to help make our party better, and they were very helpful.
5.  Your pleasant demeanor, sunny personality and likeability.
6.  How you accommodated the kids' suggestions and got a lot of the songs they wanted.  As you saw,
because the songs were the ones they wanted, the kids wanted to sing and we had mass karaoke for
each number.
7.  How you went above and beyond the call of duty and got those songs for us and spent a lot of time
with us on the phone.
8.  The fact that you also do games and not just karaoke.
9.  The price you offered us.
10.  The fact that the night was a hit, the kids had a blast, everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun!  They were talking about it the next day. 

Thank you again, Suzanne, for working with us.  We're happy that the entertainment was a hit!

Holy Spirit School, Ca (We do 3 events for this school yearly!)

Suzanne, We had a great dance and your people (TC & Nikki) did an AWESOME JOB!  
They had so much energy and that made a difference.  Thank you.

Mary Caputo

Reading Resource

Student Council Moderator

Holy Spirit School

Sweet 16, San Francisco Presido Club

Dear Suzanne:

I would like to apologize for my delay in providing you with feed back on your collaboration as DJ for my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen.

I want to thank you for all your good work. I felt supported at the party and very happy with all your prompts. Your are highly professional
and motivated to doing what is right for the client. Without your warmth, responsive demeanor and attentiveness to every detail as well
as my needs,  the order of the party would have not worked out the way it did. In addition you were a terrific MC , and you gave us 3 CDs
of the music that was played at the party to take home, which I had not expected. What a pleasant surprise!  All my guests were highly
impressed by the level of  organization and detail that went into the organization of my daughter’s sweet sixteen.

The music we selected was very well received. I appreciated the fact that at all times you consulted with me about what I believed was
appropriate music to be played and you respected all my decisions which gave me a great deal of confidence in you as well as trust.

I will definitely use your services again soon and will refer everyone to you for that matter. I did pick you because you advertise yourself
as Christian and you did live up to The Glorious name of our Lord Jesus by not playing anything offensive and sticking to only clean music.
For this I am very grateful.

My best regards to you,

Gabriela Matturano-Sebers

EJ’s 16th Birthday,Oakland  Ca.

The kids had a wonderful time.  I can't thank you enough for your gentle yet energetic facilitation and your willingness to help us
throughout the night.

 Morningstar is a professional and thoughtful Entertainment company that will go the extra mile to make sure your event is special. 
For my son's 16th birthday they completely customized the event to meet our needs; collaborating with us to create an agenda which
 included important toasts and a clean song list.  During the event the DJ was a walking smile; she brightened the room with her positive
attitude and was completely focused on making sure that everyone had fun!

Wedding, Marriott Hotel, Stockton Ca.

Hello Randy and Suzanne,

Randy, Randy, Randy you are the greatest. The music's that you played and recorded for me is who I am. Romantic, Jazzy ,
Christian and every now and then R&B. Randy, we loved the way you involved all of the quests. Your attentiveness comfort my soul.
You are a pleasant person to work with. Being a Bride, which I was, had me going crazy, but the music that you played ease my

Mike's stated that he was well please with your services. You're a blessing over and over...and I'm thankful again and again.
May the Lord repay you for what you have done. The bible according to Ruth 2:12..The Lord recompense thy work, and a full
reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

Thank you

Marion and Michael Burse

Wedding, San Diego

Suzanne is awesome!  She does a thorough interview with you to start out, I mean, she may as well be your wedding
coordinator it's so complete.  Then she worked with me basically up until the day of the wedding to make sure everything was perfect. I had an outdoor ceremony with music, then an indoor reception with a slide show, music, dancing, open mic.
Nothing out of the ordinary.  However, she is prepared for any type of games or special requests.Not a single thing went
wrong.  Well, not anything that Suzanne had control of anyway.  We had a very difficult month before the wedding, fires, deaths on both sides of the family, we honestly didn't know if we were even going to be able to go through with the wedding. 
I have to say that Suzanne did such a beautiful job, it helped us focus on what our day meant and not dwell on the
tragedies that surrounded us. I cannot say that she could have done anything differently to make the ceremony or
reception go any more smooth. It was flawless. Suzanne did a wedding for friends of ours about 3 years ago. 
That is how I heard of her. As soon as I became engaged, I did not have a doubt in my mind as to who I was going
to have DJ my wedding.  I didn't consult any other companies. 
That is how much of an impression she left on me.Needless to say, I recommend Suzanne 110%.

Congratulations and good luck! Jen

Friendly Hills Country Club, Los Angeles, CA   

Thanks, Suzanne!

Everything was great! I got so many compliments on how detailed and thought-through everything was.
You made me look really good!

God bless you! 

Alissa Yang

1st Baptist Church, Menlo Park, CA 


Thanks for following up. The reception was wonderful and I feel like Adam really played a large part in making it so. He kept the
dance floor going without being pushy about it. He also did a little line dance instruction. It was really fun! I felt that the preparation
you all did was stellar! I would NEVER have thought of all of the details that your spreadsheet covered. If it had been up to us to
come up with the whole plan I know we would have been disappointed and there would have been a lot of thumb twiddling. We had
planned on doing the music ourselves with an iPod, but I am SO glad we decided to hire you guys instead. It was well worth the
investment and I would recommend you to anyone who asked.

Please feel free to use my comments in your resume.  


Kjerstin Deane

Morgan Hill, Ca. Wedding, Private Residence

Hello Suzanne:

Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much for all of your help!!!!!!  It was a beautiful day.  Hats off to you for being a
wedding planner!

I don't know how you do it!  we were overwhelmed!

LaVonne was trying to get a hold of you to say a big THANK YOU to you and your husband....He did a fantastic job!!!!

You are great!

Wedding, Sacramento Ca.

Suzanne, I just got back from honeymooning Hawaii and saw your email.  Of COURSE you may use me for your resume.

I have NOTHING BUT HIGH PRAISE for you and the service you provided. You made a small hall feel like there was enough room to
dance the night away. 

All my guests commented on how nice the music was, even those seated outside heard it loud and clear. Your care and concern for
me throughout the night 
was a real blessing!  I would probably have forgotten to stay hydrated without you. THANKS!! The music,
your professionalism, your service was of the highest 
quality and I am more than pleased. I wish I had another event coming up so
I could hire you again.

A word to those looking for a great, caring, and professional DJ. You CANNOT GET ANY BETTER than Morningstar Entertainment. 

They were awesome. Hire them and you won't be disappointed!

Suzan Torres

Livermore Ca, Garre Winery

Hi Suzanne!!

We had the most fabulous time at our wedding and I am SOOO honored that you were there to be a part of our special
day!!!  You and Shannon were so much fun...I'm so glad you were able to step away from your turntables and
bust a move with us!  Everyone was talking about how cool our DJ's were.  :o) 

We really didn't want that night to end, but I think we are both relieved to get back to our normal lives and just
enjoy married life!

Thank you again for all your help...not just providing us with music, but also creating the timeline for the day,
coordinating with other vendors, staying an extra hour at the end of the night, and most importantly, always being
available when I had questions!  :o)  I cannot thank you enough for all you have are a true blessing!!

Much love always,

Aaron & Cindy Dietz

Martinelli Events Center, Livermore Wedding

Hi Suzanne
Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day. You were helpful from the very beginning all the way through the end,
always making sure you tried to supply us with what we wanted, and ultimately, giving us the day we imagined.

In a nutshell, we had SO MUCH FUN! The night went by so quickly and we wish we would have had another hour to dance...
couldn't you tell? I don't think I got off that dance floor once! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that because it took
any worries away that I might have had if I had time to stop dancing or stop having fun. The funny coincidence is when you had
Joey, the best man, and our friend Jon serenade me with that Top Gun song...they used to do that skit in high school together!
So it was just hilarious that that was the song you chose for them to surprise me with, and they had a blast doing it and I
couldn't stop laughing.

Suzanne, you really made our entire wedding come together, from the coordination to the music, and I can't thank you enough
for that. (Really, I was just at a wedding last week that no one got on the dance floor because the DJ played what HE wanted!)
And you made sure to take the time to get us what we wanted and what our guests requested, and it made all the difference. 
Also, I would like to know if you or your company do weddings in other locations? My sister is getting married in July
(if you're not booked yet) in Camarillo CA. It would be great if you had someone who could speak Spanish and English too.
Well, let me know. She really enjoyed what you did at our wedding and she requested you!

Thanks again for everything,
Tiffany and Jim Corvi :-)

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